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Looking for the best investment opportunities in Australia?


Look no further than Boutique Capital’s fund manager partners. Our partnerships with talented boutique fund managers throughout Australia means we offer investors access to quality investment opportunities in various asset classes. Click through to invest in any of our funds below:


Edison Capital

Equity Investment

Edison Capital aims to provide investors with both domestic and international equity investment options with trading strategies aimed at generating consistent incremental exposure to securities exhibiting desirable trends.

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Digital X Fund

Cryptocurrencies and ICO's

Digital X offers two funds, one with a key objective to offer investors access to a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and exposure to high-quality initial coin offerings investments. It is expected that the portfolio of investments will result in growth over the medium term. The DigitalX Bitcoin Fund is dedicated to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), offering wholesale investors access to this coin through the fund rather than setting up their own BTC accounts.

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The Olive Green Fund

Social and Wholesome Investment projects

The aim of the fund is to facilitate Wholesome investment in ethical projects and businesses that have a positive impact on Australian Society with a focus on medical centres.

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Equity Story Growth Fund

Domestic and International Equity Fund

The fund manager applies the Equity Story fundamental and technical research analysis to pick domestic and international equities. An active approach enables a fast response to changing market trends. Blending processes offers the outcome of both a top down and bottom up approach.

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BFA IM Master Fund

Family office Debt and Property deals

BFA aim to provide the platform to connect Australia and Greater China stakeholders for family offices. The unique knowledge and experience of supporting family offices helps BFA design investment opportunities for both investors and family offices alike.

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The Invex Fund

Property Fund

The opportunity to Co-invest with Invex by leveraging their expertise in identifying and evaluating properties using investment fundamentals.

Investment Exchange Pty Limited is an Australian property and technology company that connects property investors with compatible property’s resulting in property purchases through the Invex platform.

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The Investmeant Fund

Social Impact Investing

The strategy is to invest in a diverse portfolio of income generating assets. All investments will generate a measurable social impact. Fully invested, the Fund will also include other debt and equity investments in renewables, microfinance and other co-investments in wholesale impact funds.

The Investmeant fund is a part of the Pure Collective which is an ever evolving, interconnected tribe of people and organisations, focused on social business models and philanthropic projects.

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360 New Media Venture Fund

Media and Private Equity Fund

A fund for investors to facilitate top quality marketing at great prices through equity – the fund acquiring a stake in the client’s business. With ownership comes true partnership. The team at 360 DMG are integral to the success of the New Media Venture Fund, as they provide the marketing services delivered by the fund.

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Tectonic Opportunities Fund

Global Equity Fund

Broadly the fund invests in equity and equity-related securities that are traded publicly in global markets via long/short portfolio construction. Core to Tectonic’s investment philosophy is a focus on identifying and assessing relevant long-term shifts/trends and how they will impact the investment case positively or negatively over the long term.

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Antler Global Fund - Australia

Australian Feeder fund to VC Fund

The Fund operates as an Australian feeder fund for the Antler Global Fund, SCSp. The principal purpose of the Antler Global Fund, SCSp is to carry on the business of making, monitoring and realizing investments in primarily multi-stage technology companies globally.

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Black Nova Venture Fund, LP

Early Stage Venture Capital

The Fund has evolved to capture the opportunity that exists within Australia’s growing industry of B2B technology companies. The focus of Black Nova’s first fund is to capture the upside that exists supporting essential businesses solving everyday problems – with the mantra that “boring is better”.

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Fort Stable Fund

Decentralised Finance Fund

The Fort Stable Fund aims to provide investors with an alternative cash management solution by investing in DeFi protocols via stablecoins. The strategy provides investors with direct access to investment opportunities in DeFi, removing intermediaries and accessing investments directly.

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WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund

Multi asset, multi-strategy alternative Fund

The Fund provides exposure to multiple complementary value-adding active strategies, all within one diversified Fund. The Fund uses a wide range of actively managed investment strategies and direct assets to deliver investors a diversified portfolio, with an absolute return focus.

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The fund invests in developing properties which house Australians with disabilities. The fund’s properties are developed, built and tenanted over a four-phase strategy, with rent paid by the NDIS scheme which provides a low risk, highly secure tenant. It aims to achieve high yield net returns and capital growth over the long term.

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Through investing in a wide array of both domestic and global assets, P.A.C Capital aims to achieve consistent capital growth and income returns across the offered funds. The belief that investment decisions incorporating research, experience and insights result in consistent outperformance permeates the underlying investment philosophy of the various funds. P.A.C Capital currently offer a number of venture capital funds and managed funds which includes the P.A.C Global Esports Fund, providing investors with exposure to gaming and Esports companies.

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The VantagePoint Credit Fund is a fund with a diversified portfolio of underlying private credit investments in well-structured security positions with a focus on capital preservation, as all loans enjoy security by way of real property mortgages with low LVRs. It is managed by credit specialists with expertise in investing in real estate debt with a history of capital preservation and solid returns.

Afterwork Fund III



AfterWork Venture’s mandate is to invest in early stage, technology-enabled businesses with the potential to individually return the Fund. Investing early stage (i.e. at the pre-seed and seed stage) represents the greatest upside potential, albeit with greater risk. This risk is managed through constructing a diverse portfolio of 80 – 120 companies exposed to all areas of the economy, where each company has the potential to return the whole fund.

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